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11 weeks-16 weeks

I’ve been meaning to write this for 4 weeks, but … toddler.

Anyway, things are still going well. The 12 week scan was a giant relief, especially after a miscarriage and then dicey start to this pregnancy.

  • How far along: 16 weeks 2 days
  • My due date has changed a couple of times, just due to different calculations. When I calculated it online, I thought it was February 15th. When my RE calculated it with her IVF calculator, it was February 16th. My OB has me at February 17th (maybe based on the date of my LMP? Who even knows). We seem to have settled on February 17th, which makes the most sense given that I have consistently measured a few days behind.
  • Back at 12 weeks 1 day, I had my 12 week ultrasound. Everything looked good, and the heart rate was 170 bps. Seeing the baby in there, moving around and everything, was such a relief I can’t even describe. The baby was measuring at 11 weeks 6 days, so 2 days behind (at our 8 week ultrasound, the little bean was 3 days behind, but that was using the 2/16 due date, so it’s really still the same amount behind). Given the consistent growth, at this point my OB team is not concerned about it.
  • I also had a visit to my OB sometime around 14 weeks. My actual OB (who I was with during my first pregnancy) has injured her foot … again. She had a broken foot at the end of my last pregnancy, which lead to her not being able to do my C-section (I’m totally happy with the section and really liked the on-call doctor who did it, so no harm no foul). Anyway, I haven’t been able to see her yet this pregnancy. I saw an OB who I have met though, and got to hear the heartbeat again (this time in the high 150s/low 160s apparently). I’m seeing another OB, whom I’ve never met, in a couple of weeks.
  • Food things: The smell of literally all food cooking made me super nauseous from somewhere in the 10/11 week range until maybe a week ago. 11 weeks-13 weeks were the peak (which seems odd and late, but whatever). I’m finally starting to be able to let my poor wife cook us dinner … and even eat it!
  • Other symptoms: Nausea really kicked in around 11 weeks, and didn’t start to get better until 13 weeks (and is maybe gone now? but likes to show up randomly … I vomited while eating lunch yesterday so there’s that). I have only gotten sick 1-2 times, which is far less than with Riley, but I have overall felt worse. The exhaustion is also starting to subside finally! Look at me – it’s already almost 9 pm and I’m happily typing away! Here’s a weird new symptom though … since about 10/11 weeks, my hair has been shedding at an alarming rate. I’m talking at a 4 months postpartum kind of rate. WHY?! The very opposite happened when I was pregnant with Riley and I was really looking forward to the luscious locks … I asked the OB (worried about a thyroid issue or something hormonally off), who said that it’s actually not uncommon. Apparently the hormone changes/surges caused my follicles to all hop on the same shed cycle. She said it’ll randomize itself again, and is a similar function to what happens postpartum. It is starting to slow but definitely is still on the normal or just above side (as opposed to WAY below normal when I was pregnant with Riley), so that’s a bummer. Here’s hoping I don’t develop a noticeably receding hairline …
  • Who knows?: We told our families around 8 weeks. I ended up telling work soon after the 12 week mark so that I could get my schedule sorted out. We had professional photos taken of our family when we were at Family Week in PTown (shout out queer families – totally go if you can ever make it! Such a blast), and had Riley wear a “big sister” shirt so that we could do a little announcement. We aren’t really the type to do a formal announcement with professional photos, but the timing worked out so we used our photo shoot for multiple purposes – why not? We put that out around 15 weeks, so now the word is officially out there! We did tell Riley – she knows that the baby is growing inside Mommy but not Momma or Riley, and that when the baby is big enough and read to come out, (s)he will come home and live with us. She will basically recite that script and I’m confident she has no flipping idea what any of it means.
  • Body and clothes things: I am now wearing maternity clothes. I feel like a full month ahead of myself in terms of my body growing and showing, and I’m not a super fan of it (no one likes the “I just look fatter and not pregnant” stage). I just did an Old Navy maternity splurge today. Mostly I just need maternity pants because anything else feels restrictive or falls down.
  • What’s next?: OB appointment coming up in about 2.5 weeks, with my fetal survey ultrasound about a week later!




Look at that little bean. They have a head and a body and everything. Yeesh.

finals (26 of 40)

Would you lookit this big sister, contemplating her big adventure? Photo cred: TDM Photography




Bumpdate: 9w4d

Alright folks. My posts are going to take a very pregnant turn from here on out I think. Feel free to not read or unfollow, I really get that.

I’ll consider getting some sort of Bumpdate format going like I did with my daughter, but for now I’ll just free ball it:

  • How far along: 9 weeks 4 days
  • I had my first OB appointment today, with a midwife at the practice (my practice does a combo program for everyone – I get to choose who to deliver with though).
  • I got to hear baby’s heartbeat! It didn’t even take that long to find. I have been sooooo so anxious about this and I remember it taking a minute or two with my first pregnancy so that was a major relief. The little one’s heart is beating at a respectable 177bps today.
  • I got a bunch of bloodwork and tried to give a urine sample but failed. I got like a half centimeter’s worth of liquid in the damn cup so we’ll see if it’s enough. Talk about embarrassing first impressions (new midwife …)
  • Food things: The smell of food makes me nauseous. But also I want to eat all the carbs. I’m starting most days with some kiefer and a sausage/egg/cheese sandwich. That’s been working pretty well (I do get nauseous before that sandwich gets in my belly).
  • Other symptoms: My nausea exists and comes in waves – usually a wave before breakfast, a wave or two at some point during the day, and any time I’m a passenger in a car. I’m also exhausted. I fall asleep most nights between 8 and 9 in my chair, then head to bed at like 10:30 for the night.
  • Who knows?: We told our families around 8 weeks. 3 of my coworkers/friends have known all of the treatment details so they knew right away. I just told 2 of my closest friends this past weekend. I’m going to have to tell work soon because my patient schedule is getting really close (I’m booked through late January at this point). I’m thinking that’s a convo for next week. Sigh.
  • Of note, we have not told Riley yet. Mainly because she’s a blabbermouth/parrot. We’ll tell her when we’re ready to tell everyone.
  • What’s next?: I will get a call in the morning to schedule my 2 ultrasounds (1 at 12 weeks, 1 around 20 weeks), and then will see my OB in about 4 weeks.
  • Right this second, just after hearing the heartbeat, I’m feeling excited and relieved and I’m thinking about the future. I’m sure as time passes I’ll slip back into anxiety mode, but I’m enjoying this for now.
  • 29 weeks oh my goodness

    Wow, I am a terrible blogger. I am not sure where the last 10 weeks went but I’m here now and that’s what counts I hope?

    In all honesty, I totally know where the weeks went. Summer happened, which means that we haven’t stopped to catch a breath for 3 months. Em and I have had something big to do (travel out of town, have guests staying with us, big events) every weekend since forever, and there’s no end in sight. In fact, I think the next weekend we have nothing huge to do is October 22, which give us exactly 3 “nothing” weekends between now and baby’s expect arrival. AHHH

    Rather than trying to fill in every little thing that has happened since I was 19 weeks pregnant, I’m just going to go with a current update. Life-wise, I just got back from a weekend in Cleveland where my mom and sisters threw me a baby shower. Em didn’t come because we couldn’t find a weekend where we were both free to actually have the shower (see above) so we agreed to divide and conquer on this one. It was a lovely shower – totally beyond what I expected. Guests were asked to ship their gifts because we live in Boston and taking big things on a plane was basically not going to happen. But everyone brought a baby book to start our library, and the shower was book themed.


    Adorable book-themed foods

    My sisters went all out with the Pinterest inspired theme. It was a brunch shower, so they had an egg casserole (Green Eggs and Ham), muffins (If You Give a Moose a Muffin), veggies (Peter Rabbit), fruit in the shape of a caterpillar (The Very Hungry Caterpillar), Hershey kisses (A Kissing Hand), rainbow goldfish crackers (The Rainbow Fish), and a guessing game (Guess How Much I Love You). My sister also made one of those creepy/hilarious/awesome watermelon babies.



    Em and I are both getting more and more excited about baby as things are getting more real. We had a little freak out about daycare but have since kind of maybe figured something out. We are on “the list” for a center that is really close to us. It’s a stretch to afford, but we are able to save some money by doing just 3 days/week and doing under 8 hour days (Em is going to be flexible and drop off just after 9/pick up right before 5). They can’t guarantee us a spot, but seemed confident that a number of spots would be opening in March/April. Given that we need to start in February, we’ll probably end up filling in with a short term nanny or something. We visited a bunch of home daycare providers, and just really didn’t love any of them. The one that we did like required us to come full time (or at least pay for it), so it wasn’t enough less than the center to feel good about. A few of the home daycares were really just awful. Em and I visited all of them together, and Em had set up all of the appointments. One of the places we visited a) forgot that we were even coming, b) was just not a warm fuzzy person anyway, and c) told me to call her when I had the baby and come back to visit with my husband. Uhhhhhh, who did she think Em was?! Just some assistant I hired to do all of my talking for me? What the hell. Anyway, daycare is terrifying and awful and I hate the idea of going back to work enough as it is so I hate the whole thing. I’m sure it’ll all come together, so I’m choosing not to stress about it anymore now that we have a sort-of plan.

    So on to the bumpdate …

    How far along? 29 weeks 4 days

    Baby is the size of: A hawaiian pineapple

    Total weight gain/loss: I think I have an overall gain of 8-10 pounds at this point.

    Maternity clothes: All of them.

    Coming out of the baby closet status: At this point everyone knows because I am obviously pregnant. I actually feel like people didn’t assume me pregnant out loud (they thought it but wouldn’t mention it without me mentioning it first) until about 2-3 weeks ago? I see new people every day because I see patients at a hospital. So I got to see a LOT of people look but choose not to say anything. I’m now at the point where people immediately ask when I’m due.

    Have you started to show yet? I’m certainly obviously definitely pregnant.

    Sleep: Aw man, sleep is rough. I get up 2-4 times each night. We did end up getting a new mattress – we got a Casper and totally love it. If anyone is in the market and interested in the Casper let me know because I can get you $50 off with a referral. Also my Snoogle is my saving grace. I didn’t have it with me in Cleveland over the weekend and totally noticed the difference.


    The newest sleep issue is that I’m waking up to hip pain and having to flip over to my other side. Prior to this week, I’ve mostly been waking up to pee/because I was slightly uncomfortable. Now there’s the aspect of pain, which makes it a little harder to get back to sleep.

    I feel like it sounds like I’m complaining – really more just trying to document. I actually really love being pregnant.

    Best moment this week: The shower was really amazing. I felt so loved. I also came home from the shower to a clean house and to the guest room (soon-to-be-nursery) cleaned out and ready to be nested in. My wife and her dad had moved the guest bed into our office/memorabilia room (don’t ask – Em is a huge baseball fan and collector. And she is selflessly sharing her memorabilia room with our future guests) and cleaned out the now nursery entirely. Now all of our accumulated baby stuff is in the nursery! Unfortuantely, we haven’t yet gotten the furniture so it in no way actually looks like a nursery. We have a rolled up rug that we haven’t put down yet, are waiting on a backordered dresser (should be here in a week or two), hoping to get a Labor Day deal on the crib this weekend so that’s not ordered yet, and waiting 6-8 weeks for the chair that my parents just ordered for us this weekend as a shower gift. I’m so excited to see it all come together and having the room empty and ready to fulfill its new purpose is so exciting. Can you tell I’m feeling the nesting urge hard?

    Miss Anything? Wine, sushi, and oysters

    Movement: I’ve been feeling kicks consistently since about 19 weeks. Around 22 weeks, Em was able to feel them from the outside and it was such an amazing moment. One of my favorite from this pregnancy. I’ve been counting kicks once a day(ish) when I remember to/have the time to slow down enough to actually track and time it. But I feel a ton of movement these days. I really love love love the feeling of my baby moving around inside of me. It just makes me so happy.

    Food cravings: I started having a few real cravings? My first craving, and the most common one since, has been donuts. Can’t get enough of the sugary carbs with no nutritional value ::eye roll::

    I’m still eating fruit like no one’s business as well.

    Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

    Symptoms: OK so the more weird and annoying symptoms are starting to emerge …
    –  Numb thighs: Whenever I walk or stand for too long, my outer thigh(s) (usually just my right one, but sometimes the left or both) go numb. This goes away if I sit down for even just a minute. My OB said that I’m trapping a nerve. It is a really strange sensation and I’ve had to limit activities that involve too much standing/walking.
    –  Peeing: Total TMI ahead. Since around 19 weeks I’ve, for lack of a better term, been leaking urine (ugh hate how that sounds). Basically my bladder is obviously squished and kinked or something so I don’t get everything out when I pee. I’ve had to develop some acrobatic tricks – now I have to move and lean in every direction for a minute after I finish and hope I get it all out. I feel like no one talks about this (probably because it’s weird and gross), but I have no time for shame. I do allow myself some time for annoyance though haha. Anyway turns out Thinx (the period underwear) also have another brand called Icon that are designed for this very issue, so I bought a few pairs. I wish that the built in padding went up higher, but I otherwise recommend them if you are having this weird issue and are sick of panty liners. UGH
    – Aches and pains: The aches and pains are starting to show up but are manageable. Mostly it’s lower back and hip pain when I’m sleeping.
    – Swelling: I’m starting to notice swelling in my hands and feet, but pretty much only after I’ve been standing/walking a lot (especially out in the heat) or on an airplane. I took 2 airplane trips recently so I feel like this symptom is exacerbated by the flights. I am NOT wearing my wedding ring at the moment, but hoping that another day post-flight will get me back to ring-wearing size.

    Purchases: Em and I had a fun nighttime adventure in Carters recently, just letting ourselves get excited and buy some clothes. We got only sale items and probably 5-6 things total? It was pretty exciting. And the shower gifts have been rolling in, which we are so grateful for. So we now have the pack n plan/infant station for our bedroom, a Baby Bjorn bouncer, 2 carriers (Bjorn One and K’tan), lots and lots of books, a few clothing items, a Boppy, a hamper, and some other assorted items that I can’t think of right now!

    Looking forward to: I’m really looking forward to our Boston shower that our friends are throwing for us in a few weeks. We are also going camping this weekend which I’m excited (and a little trepidatious) about. We are bringing a battery operated air mattress, so hopefully it won’t be awful and uncomfortable.

    I really hope I’ll be able to keep us this blogging thing through the third trimester. I really neglected the poor second trimester and want to give this one its due. So hopefully see you back here soon! Happy Tuesday 🙂

    19 weeks and other musings

    I wrote this first paragraph early last week, right after Orlando. I didn’t post it because I just kind of stopped writing after this paragraph and couldn’t finish. I’m going to post it now as is, but also do a bumpdate because I haven’t done one in forever and I want to remember these things.

    First of all, I have so many feelings and thoughts about the tragedy in Orlando. I don’t think that I’m currently in the place where I can articulately share everything I’m thinking, and I know that others have articulated it all, probably better than I can. I’m mourning for members of our queer family whose lives were needlessly taken. I’m angry that people can easily and legally purchase assault weapons in this country, even when they are on terrorist watch lists. I’m confused by how some of the media has covered this tragedy – from not mentioning that it took place at a gay club, to what seems like an obsession with pinpointing one “reason” that this happened (terrorism vs. homophobia vs. mental illness). I’m sad at the deafening silence from most of my straight/cis friends and family members. I’m pissed at the people who are still ranting on about the “right” to own such ridiculous weapons with minimal to no controls or safety measures in place. But I’m also comforted to see some media outlets providing comprehensive coverage and discussing the complicated nature of the crime. I’m happy to see people coming together to support each other and to support the queer community. I’m moved by tributes to the victims and the outpouring of calls for policy change instead of just “thoughts and prayers.” It’s hard to sort through all of these feelings and have something coherent to say. It’s hard to think about my child being born into a world in which this can happen, a world where I was really starting to feel like I was safe. I don’t know how to comprehend but I do know that the way to move forward is with courage to make changes, love driving decisions instead of fear and hate, and pride.

    I guess I just hope that we keep doing things now so that the world is a better place when this little one is in it.

    How far along? 19 weeks 5 days

    Baby is the size of: A zucchini or a mango

    Total weight gain/loss: I lost about 7 pounds in the first trimester and have since gained about 8. So I’m +1 total, but I also haven’t gained in at least a week or two.

    Maternity clothes: Yep. My pre-pregnancy shirts fit but are too short so I much prefer maternity shirts. Dress pant yoga pants are still working but I have to keep the band below my belly so they fall down a lot. The 2 pairs of maternity pants I have are preferable, so I’m probably going to need to get some more soon.

    Coming out of the baby closet status: The info is out there and most people know. Much like coming out as queer, however, it keeps happening every day. I’m not pregnant looking enough for it to be an assumed fact I guess. Just today two people I work with came by and offered their congratulations, having just found out through the grapevine.

    Have you started to show yet? I’m getting there. It’s obvious to me, but I was not a skinny person pre-pregnancy, and I tend to carry my weight in my abdomen, so I already looked a little pregnant. I am starting to get the more classically rounded belly look so hopefully I’ll look more pregnant than fat (not using this term negatively for myself – just a fact) in the next week or two. The maternity clothing probably helps my case 😉

    Sleep: I’m still waking up at least once, but more commonly 2 or 3 times, each night. I did buy a Snoogle though, and I’m officially obsessed. It was so expensive and already has been worth every penny. I’m just a lot more comfortable. I’m definitely not sleeping on my belly anymore, so I guess my body got the memo that it was time to stop. I think that may be contributing to why I wake up a couple of times – I’m not necessarily uncomfortable, but I’m tossing and turning because I can’t sleep the way my body likes to.

    I’m kind of looking forward to the hilarity that will probably ensue when I am bigger and trying to get out of bed with the Snoogle there. I’m hardly affected by the pregnancy now when it comes to mobility, but that pillow is a serious barrier to getting out of bed.

    My next task is a new mattress. We’ve needed one for a while and just haven’t done it. Any recommendations? Someone at work highly recommended the Casper mattress today. Have any of you guys tried it?

    Best moment this week: For some reason I just sat here for a few minutes trying to decide what my best moment in the past couple of weeks was … then I remembered we had our anatomy scan/fetal survey ultrasound last week!! As promised, it was very long and parts of it were boring/uncomfortable (in particular: trying to lie on my side on an ultrasound table while also watching the screen and not falling off), but getting to see our baby wiggling around in there was just magical. Poor Em was super bored for most of it. In the end, everything looked good. A doctor actually did the whole scan – I was expecting an ultrasound tech and then a doctor to review, but the doctor did the scan which probably made it shorter than it would have been so I’m grateful.

    I’m not sure if I’ve discussed it here but we decided not to find out the baby’s biological sex. Mostly because we don’t care and it doesn’t mean anything, but also because we prefer relatively neutral clothing and stuff in general, and because I love a good surprise. The doctor was great about not using pronouns, and had us look away when she was taking  a look at the pelvis. They don’t record the sex anywhere so my no one else will be able to slip up later because they don’t know either. Phew.

    We got some great pics of the baby and these are my two favorites:


    Love this profile shot! Saying “hi” to his/her moms 🙂



    Miss Anything? Nope 🙂

    Movement: After 2-3 weeks of thinking that perhaps maybe I was feeling something every once in a while … I’ve definitely been feeling the baby move around in there for the last few days (since this weekend). It’s to the point where I can be certain it’s the baby moving and not some other weird bodily function, and it lasts long enough that I can pay attention to it. It makes me so happy to be able to feel him or her rolling around in there. I had Em try to feel the other night while the little one was being particularly active, and she says she felt it from the outside too! We’ve tried a couple of other times without success, but I totally believe her that she felt that first one (it felt big from the inside too). It’s such a weird sensation and I’m totally obsessed with it.

    Food cravings: I’m still totally obsessed with fruit and very disinterested in most meat (chicken and fish included). I’m trying to eat protein anyway – I know that a low carb/high protein diet is ideal to avoid gestational diabetes, which my OB has me obsessing about.

    Anything making you queasy or sick? I’ve gotten sick first thing in the morning 2 or 3 times since the first trimester ended. The most recent time was just this week. It’s so weird and I’m fairly certain it’s related to a combination of dehydration and a super sensitive gag reflex, because it hasn’t had anything to do with feeling nauseous. Hopefully that’s it though (I keep saying that). Smells still overwhelm me, but not to the point where I’m feeling totally sick.

    Symptoms: Movement, trouble sleeping, a little bit of lower back pain, bloating, and headaches (which are probably hydration related).

    Purchases: Still obsessed with my Forester … hopefully that doesn’t wear off anytime soon. My mother bought us a bib from the iconic little shop in my tiny little town when we were home for a wedding a week and a half ago. She also “won” some Baby Bjorn swag at a silent auction, so we technically also have a baby carrier and a travel crib. 🙂

    Looking forward to: I’m really looking forward to looking pregnant and not maybe pregnant/maybe fat.

    14 weeks (almost)

    I decided to post my 14 week update a day early because I don’t have to work today so actually have the time and energy 🙂 

    How far along? 14 weeks tomorrow (so 13 weeks 6 days obvi)

    Baby is the size of: a lemon

    Total weight gain/loss: I’ve lost a couple of pounds. But my appetite is starting to come back so we’ll see 🙂

    Maternity clothes: I don’t really need maternity clothes yet because I have dress pant yoga pants that I wear every day and my shirts still fit fine. But I’ve been looking online. And I might hit up Kohl’s today to check out their (probably minimal) selection.

    Coming out of the baby closet status: Things are really rolling in the coming out department! The whole team (except the new OT who I don’t know very well) at work now knows. My boss was barely awkward and actually rather sweet and congratulatory, so that was really nice. I haven’t talked to HR yet but I will in the next week or so. I also told my close friends from college and we’re working on trying to get together with our little group of queer lady friends this weekend to tell them. Basically ticking off the important people who wouldn’t want to find out via Facebook. The big Facebook announcement will come soon as well – in the next week or two? Em doesn’t want to do a photo announcement but I really do. I love seeing them and am so excited to finally be in the club where I can do one. 

    Have you started to show yet? So bloated all the time. What is with all the bloating?

    Sleep: The exhaustion is fading but not gone. I still have my moments, but I’m really enjoying being able to stay up a little later.

    Best moment this week: Telling people has been gloriously awkward (I don’t know why I’m so awkward when I say “I’m pregnant” – I think the emotions behind it really take me back to coming out when I was 18/19?) and so joyful. I also had my first appointment with an OB (the very first appointment was with a midwife) on Tuesday and got to hear the heartbeat again. It was in the high 150s/low 160s apparently. Man, hearing that heartbeat is just such an awesome confirmation. I don’t think I’ll be totally confident he pregnancy until I can feel the little one move. 

    Oh, I’m also officially off of all medications except for the prenatal vitamin! I stopped the baby aspirin last week and the metformin on Tuesday. That was what I was really looking forward to meeting with an actual doctor for. My midwife had finally gotten back to me about the meds last week and told me to stop the aspirin and then to stop the metformin “when you’re 12 weeks” … but I was already almost 13 weeks when she sent it. That didn’t inspire a whole lot of confidence so I decided to wait until I could talk to the doctor to stop the metformin. I basically wanted to discuss whether staying on through the pregnancy was an option, as I’ve heard being on metformin may be helpful for women with PCOS when it comes to breast feeding, which is definitely something I’m worried about. The OB said that being on met may mask insulin resistance to a certain degree, and it’s not the most effective treatment for gestational diabetes. That’s enough of a reason for me. So anyway, no more drugs in this pregnant lady.

    Miss Anything? Having my full energy. And wine. And sushi.

    Movement: nope

    Food cravings: Pickles and also fruit. All of the fruit. Especially watermelon. 

    Anything making you queasy or sick? The smell of pretty much any cooked food, especially meats of all kinds. 

    Symptoms: A nose like a dog, food aversions, improving nausea (though I did get sick this week), improving fatigue, headaches, sciatica. Oh the sciatica. 

    Purchases: Nothing yet but I’m getting excited to think about registering.

    Looking forward to: Telling people, coming up with a photo announcement, actually looking pregnant (I have a while for that one), feeling the baby move, registering for things.

    12 and 13 weeks

    Oops! Totally missed my update last week. Here I am though. Most exciting part of the last two weeks was my 12 week ultrasound (early genetic screening). Everything went well, we got to see our little one again, and my results came back as low risk. Little one was moving around like crazy and it was actually hard for the u.trasound tech to het his/her heartbeat because (s)he kept moving right when she had it lined up. She ended up coming back to it at the end and little one finally cooperated. 154 beats per minute! 

    Obligatory creepy 3D image! little one was covering his/her face with their arm so no cute little face shot – but look! It looks like a real baby!

    This weekend my parents are here. The weather in Boston is not cooperating (it’s been gloomy and rainy with no peeks of sunshine since mom got here on Wednesday) but it makes me so happy yo have them here. Lots of pregnancy excitement and little house projects getting done. 

    On to the bumpdate! And a very Happy Mothers Day to all you moms, moms-to-be, moms at heart, and one day moms. I know Mothers Day is hard when you’re in the throws of infertility (man do I remember that) so I hope y’all are taking some time to yourselves and letting yourself feel whatever you need to feel this weekend. 

    Oh, and happy derby day. 

    How far along? 13 weeks 1 day (second trimester sometime this week?)

    Baby is the size of: a freaking PEACH

    Total weight gain/loss: still staying pretty steady 

    Maternity clothes: Permanently in the land of stretchy waistbands because holy comfort, Batman. When I say permanently, I mean that I started before I got pregnant and never plan to stop. I have been looking online for maternity clothes which is depressing because where are all the maternity clothes for people who are not into leggings and flowy shirts? Sigh.

    Coming out of the baby closet status: We are in sight of being fully out of the baby closet! We are officially telling people as we see them, and today the mass e-mails went out to the extended family. I have 30something aunts and uncles and 42 first cousins, so mass e-mails are really the only way to go. It feels great and also scary to have the information getting out more broadly. I’m planning on telling my boss and HR on Monday/next week, so wish me luck. My boss is the most awkward human alive so I’m not sure what to expect.

    Have you started to show yet? Still rocking the bloat baby. But no worries, dress pant yoga pants to the rescue 🙂

    Sleep: things are on the up and up. I can stay up a little later most days (I still have my exhausted days/moments)

    Best moment this week: The ultrasound for sure last week, and my parents being here this week has made me really happy and excited about their transition to grandparent-hood.

    Miss Anything? Nothing I can think of right now 🙂

    Movement: nope

    Food cravings: I’m really into pickles right now.

    Anything making you queasy or sick? Smells mans. All food smells. 

    Symptoms: Sensitive to smell, constipation (ugh), some fatigue but it’s improving, some nausea but it’s improving

    Purchases: Nope.

    Looking forward to: OB appointment this week (hearing a heartbeat again hopefully!), coming out of the baby closet entirely, and getting my appetite back.

    10 weeks

    Ah! Double digits! OK so the most notable thing about this week was my first appointment at my OB’s office. I may have already said this, but the way my OB office works is that I have an OB as well as a midwife – both of whom I’ll see/communicate with throughout the pregnancy.I met with the midwife for my first appointment. Anyway it was very long (lots of questions and background info and talking about testing options), but I am excited because I really liked the midwife! So that’s great. AND she was able to find the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler at the end of the appointment. I was SO excited to hear its little heart beating away. It took her a minute or two to find the heartbeat, during which time I was silently freaking the fuck out. But she did find it and it was very cool to hear. And I love getting those little bits of reassurance.

    My next appointment is with an OB (not actually my OB that I picked because she didn’t have May availability – so I’m meeting with another one first) and is in 4 weeks. I opted to do the ERA screening for genetic issues (nuchal fold ultrasound and bloodwork), and was able to schedule that in 2 weeks, so I’m glad I’ll have another “reassurance” to look forward to rather than waiting a month for my next chance to hear the heartbeat. Hopefully all goes well with that ultrasound of course.

    Okay, on to the bumpdate …

    How far along? 10 weeks

    Baby is the size of: a kumquat! Em has been calling it “Olive” for the past week. We’ll see if she decides to call it “Kumquat” or if that just feels too weird for her haha.

    Total weight gain/loss: 0 (although I had 2 bags of Cheez-Its and some gummy worms today, so perhaps this won’t be the case tomorrow).

    Maternity clothes: Permanently in the land of stretchy waistbands because holy comfort, Batman. When I say permanently, I mean that I started before I got pregnant and never plan to stop.

    Coming out of the baby closet status: I swear I started out this pregnancy with the best of intentions to tell JUST family and a small group of close friends (5-10 people) about the pregnancy before the end of the first trimester. But, you know, the best laid plans …

    So this week I ended up telling 2 new people at work. Like, good “workplace proximity associates” (a la Ron Swanson) who knew about us trying and I have lunch with regularly and even see outside of work. Which is really no big deal, but the list does seem to be growing faster than I want it to. Em and I also had dinner with friends who we don’t get to see that often, so we told the 2 of them as well, seizing the “in person” opportunity.

    Overall, more people know than I had previously planned, but the circle is still pretty small and close. Getting excited that we can start to think about how we’ll announce to extended family and then everyone else in a few weeks!

    Have you started to show yet? Still a bloat baby. But no worries, dress pant yoga pants to the rescue 🙂

    Sleep: I’m still super exhausted all the time. I took a nap on my desk today after lunch. Still hitting the hay between 8:30 and 9pm.

    Best moment this week: Getting to hear the little one’s heartbeat at my initial OB appointment! Also meeting the midwife and feeling more excited about the pregnancy overall (basically feeling like I can think past today and even picturing myself in the 2nd and 3rd trimester).

    Miss Anything? Nothing huge this week. I still think about wine and get a little sad when I can’t have my glass with dinner, but I wouldn’t say I “miss” it. I do get a little jealous of people eating real sushi when I go out for sushi now – since I’m stuck with vegetables and cooked stuff.

    Movement: nope

    Food cravings: Today I had a strong need for snacks at like 10:30 and 4:00. Unfortunately, I decided on Cheez-Its in the morning, Cheez-Its in the afternoon, (Cheez-Its at suppertime …) with a bonus side dish of a bag of gummy worms. I regret it all. I have no idea why I wanted gummy worms because I don’t ever want gummy worms. But I ate them all. So maybe a craving? Or just temporary insanity. Poor choices.

    Anything making you queasy or sick? Still feeling pretty apathetic toward food – especially meats of all varieties. I’ve noticed that the foods that don’t automatically turn me off are usually meat-free. I’ve never had any trouble with breakfast (which is usually an English muffin, an egg with a little cheese on one half, and some sort of fruit), and I’m much more likely to eat vegetarian meals without issue (like pasta dishes and such). Which is kind of strange because I don’t even like pasta. But there you have it.

    Oh! Guys! I threw up for the first time on Wednesday. And probably/hopefully the only time? I really have not been feeling much nausea at all. It peaked week 8 and has decreased from there. BUT my gag reflex has been intense (anyone else notice this?) and on Wednesday morning I gagged twice while brushing my teeth. It didn’t happen right away, but it was the gag that set my stomach off and I held off getting sick for a good 2 minutes and then just gave in. It was very strange because I didn’t feel crappy before or after really. Just during. I know this is probably super annoying for people who have bad morning sickness to read, so I’m sorry for that. I know I’ve been lucky.

    Symptoms: A little bit of queasiness still lingers, most notably when I’m hungry. The fatigue is still my most notable symptom really, and I’m still having some dry skin. Oh! I keep forgetting but this WHOLE pregnancy I have been freaking FREEZING. I’ve always run a little on the cold side, but this is definitely a couple of steps up from my usual self. I’m just cold all the time! Right now at work my thermostat says 75 (it always runs a little high – but the norm is 72-74 for when I feel comfortable) and I’m wearing a sweater AND a fleece. It’s weird. I googled it and am now concerned that maybe I’ve developed a pregnancy-related thyroid issue, so I e-mailed my midwife to see if she needs to add a test to the blood panel I’ll do at 12 weeks. I’m sure it’s no big deal, but it is kind of weird. Anyone else just freaking cold all the time?

    Purchases: Nope.

    Looking forward to: Genetic ultrasound in 2 weeks, and my mom (and I think my dad too?) visiting for mother’s day weekend!


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