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Day 10 (and 13) Performance Review

Well, my ovaries have been subjected to two performance reviews in the last week. To review, I took 100mg of Clomid on days 3-7 this cycle. I went in for my first monitoring ultrasound on cycle day 10, and a follow-up on cycle day 13. This past Thursday was day 10 (and Sunday was day 13). Results of the performance review:

  • On day 10, I had 1 follicle on each ovary that was larger than 10mm.
  • RIGHTIE had a follicle at 12mm and LEFTIE had one at 10.8mm.
  • On day 13, the follicle on the LEFT had dropped off. RIGHTIE had grown to 14mm
  • My ovaries have scraped by this time, no pink slip.

I feel good about how things are going so far this cycle. I was hoping for more than one large follicle, but I’m fine with my body just doing what it’s supposed to do. I’m also very grateful that things seem to be moving along much quicker this cycle (probably thanks to increasing from 50mg to 100mg of Clomid). If you recall, I had ultrasounds on days 11, 14, and 17 last cycle with no change at all, and ended up having to pay for 6 ultrasounds (baseline, day 11, day 14, day 17, day 19, and day 21 I think). I scheduled a follow up for tomorrow morning (CD 15) to see how things went with rightie. I am hoping that the growth jumped quickly, the way it did last cycle (I went from 15mm to 21mm in 2 days), so that we can get things going and hopefully avoid another ultrasound. It would be magical to only have to pay for 4 this time around.

If that follicle is at least 18mm tomorrow, I will likely trigger with Ovidrel tomorrow night and go in for an IUI on Thursday morning. That timing would be excellent as I don’t work on Thursdays, so I could really relax after the IUI, and go to my regularly scheduled acupuncture appointment as well. I’m anxious to see how our new donor dude’s swimmers measure up. He is younger than our last guy so I’m hopeful that that means they are stronger. Does anyone else feel super creepy using a 19 year old’s swimmers?

In other news, Em and I got married one year ago. Our wedding anniversary was yesterday. I’m thinking about putting up another post with some pics in the next couple of days, but I’ll definitely password protect it. For all y’all using the WP Reader, I’ll put up a link in a regular post. If you want the password – shoot me an e-mail at:

inthebabycloset AT gmail DOT com


On to number 6

Alright, folks – Em and Kate’s TTC #6 is on like Donkey Kong.

Today was my day 3/baseline ultrasound to kick off the cycle. No cysts, so everything is a-go for starting Clomid tonight, and continuing for 5 days. My RE increased my dose from 50mg to 100mg. The plan is to start ultrasound monitoring (ugh $$$$) on day 10 (so next Thursday) to see how things go on 100mg. I have heard enough stories of bodies reacting wildly differently between cycles on Clomid, so I’m on board with starting the monitoring super early again (even though we didn’t see any movement until CD17 last cycle), but I’m not thrilled at the prospect of another $1,000 worth of ultrasounds next cycle. Oh well.

I inquired about the HSG. I spoke to two nurses about it (one new nurse, and my fav/usual nurse Tracy), and Tracy talked to my RE. I also spoke to the billing lady about it. Basically, it will not be covered by insurance (because they don’t have a diagnosis under which to bill it – it isn’t a treatment/diagnostic test for PCOS or any of the other diagnoses I have, and they can’t diagnose me as “infertile” until I do 12 medically supervised cycles) and it costs about $1000. I got the opinion of my RE, who said she “doesn’t believe it is medically necessary” because I don’t have a history of appendix issues, fibroids, or abdominal surgery. Of course there is still a slight chance that they are blocked, but at this point we decided to continue to risk it.

Same protocol as last cycle – Clomid, ultrasound monitoring, Ovidrel trigger, IUI 36 hours later, Crinone in the vag every day until test day (and hopefully thereafter, God willing).

Here’s the bigger issue: we ran out of sperm. Oh man, straight ladies – you don’t know what you have. So we’re about to drop the big bucks (all of our hard earned cash basically) on some more sperm. Donor #1 was our fav, and apparently was everyone else’s too because he’s sold out. So it’s back to the drawing board. Remember way back when, when we were choosing sperm the first time around?? Was totally hoping I wouldn’t have to do it again, but here we are. In the end, I just want sperm that swims fast and hard and doesn’t come with egregious genetic woes. Here’s hoping we can find that without too much heartache. Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 8.44.12 PM

2WW 2.0

1 dpiui
2 dpo

It’s been 73 days since my first two week wait. Is it weird that I counted that? I really didn’t think I’d be going this long between tries!

My IUI was yesterday morning. This go around went so much smoother than the last overall. After I got my surge, I called the cryobank storage and set my pick up time for first thing the next morning (they require 24 hrs notice). I called my RE and scheduled my IUI for 11am. I really wanted it to be a bit earlier, but they need at least an hour (they schedule an hour and a half) to prepare the sperm sample. So I planned to drop the tank off at 9:30 and wait around for the 11am procedure. It was SO NICE that this fell on my day off. The difference between last cycle and this one is palpable – last time I tried to cancel my AM patient and they were already on their way from a whole other state, so I just cut them off really early and rushed there, then had to rush back to make it for my PM patient … it was maybe not the most serene environment for fertilization :). This time, the only thing I had to change was my acupuncture appointment.

Of course, things can’t be perfect, and it wouldn’t be right if I wasn’t obsessing over something, right? So i use OPKs pretty much first thing in the morning. It’s hard for me to do it at work, and I know that I HAVE to test before noon because otherwise the cryobank can’t schedule me for pick up first thing (which is necessary for my clinic). ANYWAY, my test on Tuesday morning was negative, and Wednesday morning was positive. The internet cheapie looked almost totally positive anyway. Since my RE said that “even a subtle surge” counts, I was already raring to go for Thursday. I confirmed with a CB digital around 9am, which was positive. Anyway, around 4 or 4:30pm I started feeling major ovulation pain on my right side. I took this as mostly a good thing – I’m glad I’m O’ing from my right this month, since my left was the one with the cyst so I don’t trust her as much.

The thing that I then started to obsess about was whether I was ovulating too early. I thought it took 24 hours from the surge (but, of course, I could have started surging immediately after my negative test the day prior and only caught the tail end of it on Wednesday morning – putting a Wednesday evening ovulation within the realm of possibility). So then I was Googling things like “does ovulation pain happen before, during, or after ovulation?” etc. I tried to put my mind to rest about it and go to bed thinking peaceful thoughts. I was channeling my acupuncture sessions and even tried to sleep on my back with a pillow under my knees like I do in acupuncture. 

When I woke up on Thursday morning and took my temperature, it had spiked way up overnight. So I guess I did, in fact, ovulate on Wednesday evening. Despite everything else seemingly going perfectly, I was thinking about the timing thing all morning. The nurse who did my IUI wasn’t worried at all and said I should stop Googling things (fair point). I do feel very confident that I didn’t ovulate BEFORE 4pm at all. This cycle the ovulation pain/sensation was really clear and very obvious. It lasted at least until I went to bed, with the worst of it being between probably 5 and 7pm. So overall, I think I got the insemination in there while the egg was still viable, so I don’t think I flushed money down the vagina toilet this time around. My nurse said “I feel good about this one” – so take that with a grain of salt but it sure did make me feel nice 🙂

Also, the donor’s count was much higher than last time! 63 million sperm in that little vial! I think it was maybe 29 million last time, and 52% motility. The motility this cycle was 46%, but with such a high sperm count that’s still really good. 

SO anyway, now we wait (I’m sorry, aren’t we always waiting for something while TTC?). I’m still deciding whether I will drink while overseas or not. I’ve read a lot online (should I trust this?) that even if you are pregnant, those first weeks the embryo is not yet attached to your bloodstream at all, so drinking is a-ok. The whole “drink til it’s pink” idea. My nurse yesterday said, “just treat your body like you’re pregnant. Don’t smoke, cut down on caffeine, don’t drink … you know.” So I don’t know. I would only have a glass or two of wine here and there if I did drink, but I also don’t want to do it if there is any chance at all that it could affect my chances. Thoughts? I tend to err on the side of caution. 

I do like this two week period of being allowed to believe that I might actually be pregnant. Please let this be the one! Hey – it could happen.



IUI #1 was today instead of tomorrow – surprise!

I’m not sure I can even come close to writing in an organized fashion right now, so bear with me.

  • I was up tossing and turning all night last night, which is really notable for me as I am a ridiculously sound sleeper (I have literally slept through fire alarms). My poor wife was reminded just how sound a sleeper I usually am (and probably just how light a sleeper she is) and got just as little sleep. I was just too anxious to even be able to consider resting my brain for the night. Obviously all of the question marks surrounding the timing of my positive OPK yesterday left me really uneasy with the plan (actually, it really felt like there wasn’t a plan at all – just a vague idea of calling in the morning to set up an IUI for Tuesday, and somehow scheduling a same-day tank swap at the bank to keep us in the guarantee, which they don’t even do …). I knew that I would feel better just by talking to someone at the RE’s office, and that did turn out to be the case.
  • I did an OPK (internet cheapie AND Clear Blue digital) this morning, which was negative. The internet test still had a dark test line, but lighter than the control line, and the CB came up with a big fat O. This spun my already anxious brain into new heights of what-ifs. Also – if I hadn’t done that afternoon test they yelled at me about yesterday I wouldn’t have caught it at all!
  • I got my fav nurse, Tracy, on the phone around 8:15 this morning. They technically don’t open until 8:30 so that was good but I was still in crazy-freakout-anxious mode because nothing was resolved, and I was in the car on my way to work. Anyway, Tracy was great and consulted with my RE, and they both agreed that even the “subtle surge” of yesterday morning was enough to do the IUI today. So that became the plan.
  • As soon as the plan was to do the IUI today, it was like a magic wand had erased all of the tension in my body. It feels like that was the right thing to do, and it solved the issue that I hadn’t yet gotten to solving – the tank swap. Since the guarantee was good through today, we didn’t have to worry about it at all. (Phew)
  • Of course, last minute plans tend to throw all sorts of things out of whack – so I had a crazy morning trying to re-schedule my 10:00 patient, who was already en route from a whole other state … Long story short, I didn’t reschedule them – I just did a shortened eval and rushed out as soon as they stepped out of my office door to make my 11:45 IUI appointment. Afterward, I rushed back to be here in time for my 1:00 patient, who didn’t show. Go figure.
  • The IUI itself was interesting. I had a full bladder, and the only discomfort I felt was from the speculum. So maybe that was because of the bladder? Or maybe I just was distracted from any cervix pain by the duck lips in my vag. When she pushed the sperm in, it made the weirdest sound – is that normal? My wife cracked up at the sound of it, so if this IUI makes a baby, it will have had a very humorous start. The vial was SO SMALL – how could there have been enough sperm in there to make a baby?? Overall, it went much more smoothly than I was expecting. The nurse commented on my CM looking good (officially weirdest compliment I’ve ever received but I’ll take it), and his numbers sounded fine. The count was 29 million, and 52% motility. They said they look for anything over 20 million and 50% motility. I would have loved to hear that the motility was higher but I really have no frame of reference for what to expect.

If you got through all of that – good for you. If you scrolled to the end to get the important deets, here ya go:

  1. My surge is apparently short. Or weak. I don’t know. What does that mean? Nurse Tracy said I should ideally test mid-morning, once/day for best results. I think that may affect sperm retrieval from the bank if they need 24 hours notice though… I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.
  2. IUI #1 is officially over
  3. I am now in my very first TWW … let the Googling and symptom-spotting begin
  4. This is officially the closest I’ve ever been to pregnant
  5. Sperm makes a funny sound going in

Here’s to the two week wait! We’ve promised each other to be as normal as possible, distract ourselves, and not test at all (until the blood test on May 12) … feel free to make fun of me tomorrow when I start obsessing and buy a home pregnancy test. So glad I have a couple of wait buddies out here in the blog-o-sphere!

Got Sperm?

So … we just bought sperm. All of a sudden our pockets are feeling MUCH lighter and this is all feeling very real. Damn that shit is expensive! We obviously have known the cost for a while, but it’s a whole new ball game when you put it on your credit card.


Today is CD6 of what I hope is going to be our first TTC cycle. We have a follow-up with our RE next week. Our newly obtained little swimmers will be accessible to us next week as well. If this cycle is consistent with how things have gone since starting Met.formin, I’ll ovulate (fingers crossed) around CD24. Here’s the issue with that: CD 24 is Easter weekend and we will be out of town visiting my in-laws for Easter/Passover. SO we might be out for this cycle if the timing doesn’t work out.

Fingers crossed for earlier ovulation this month. Thinking fertile thoughts for the next couple of weeks. Aaahhh!

How do I keep my brain from going to that “This is the month!” “Finally starting!” “I could totally be pregnant in a few weeks” place?! I’m a highly logical and level-headed person, but I believe there is no escaping the emotion in all of this. Help!

Is this what online dating is like?

So, my wife and I have been talking about this baby making business for quite a while. We’ve waxed poetic about using a known donor vs. frozen sperm from a stranger, talked baby names for years, and made all sorts of child-rearing plans. Now that our first insemination attempt is actually really going to happen in a few months … let’s just say shit just got real.

I am sure that we are luckier than some to at least at this point agree that we will be purchasing a stranger’s genetic spunk to make this all happen. But now we suddenly have to choose said stranger from what is seemingly an endless line-up of college boys. Seriously – is this what online dating is like? I am SO STRESSED OUT. Thank goodness I met my lovely wife in person and never had to deal with this online selection business.


This isn’t the first time we have perused some online sperm bank catalogues, but it is the first time we’ve done it with an actual end goal of purchasing genetic material. I imagine when straight girls start dating they don’t obsess over the genes of their boyfriends. I mean, I just never had that thought cross my mind (given that there is no way I’m going to somehow merge genetic material with another lady). But these online catalogues … I really wonder if this is what super picky girls do when online dating. “Oh, he’s a nuclear physicist and he is attractive and he does art and he is a social butterfly? Hmmmm, but his grandmother had a heart attack at 65. Next.”

There are like a million options, but now that I have this level of control I don’t like any of them. Is it too much to ask to find the male version of my lovely wife only with a squeaky clean family medical history and Ivy league degree? Yeah … I think too much choice has made me hard to please.

We haven’t decided on a sperm bank yet (we are checking them all out and looking for a good match), which is probably making things more difficult. More choice = less certainty. In general, our criteria going in were that the dude be CMV – and have an acceptable family medical history.

I mean, there are a lot of options that fit the bill, so then we figured … hey, it’d be cool if the donor shared some of my lovely wife’s traits, since she doesn’t plan on having any kiddos herself. Anyway, all that said we totally found one who fit the bill and now are very aware that it is way too early. We can’t buy it yet because we have to pay to store it and don’t have the official go ahead from the RE and lots of other reasons.

… So I guess we are in sperm limbo. (Anyone have some patience pills?)


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