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12 weeks

I’ve officially stopped being surprised at my total lack of blog writing. When I’m home with Riley, it’s just really hard to motivate myself to do anything other than play with her, take care of her, or snag some me time. It really doesn’t help that I don’t have a computer. I hate blogging on my phone.

Which brings me to today, my very first day back at work. Y’all, I feel like I left a body part at home. It is so so emotionally hard. And I really really love what I do. I am happy to be a working person. I want to have a routine and see adults and speech pathologize my patients. But I also feel like I’m missing something major when I leave my baby behind. Yeesh.

All of that said, it is crazy to feel like I have some time to sit and write a blog post. Work suddenly seems so uncomplicated – I  just have to do my job and pump. Simple as that. Being a mom involves so much less structure! And let’s talk about pumping. Do any of y’all get crazy different amounts at different pumping sessions? I haven’t pumped more than once a day (in the evening) since her first few weeks of life so I don’t have a great barometer to go by, but it feels weird that my 8:30am pump I got 8.5oz and then my 11:30am pump I got 4oz. That’s less than half! Is my 2:30 about to be even less? (Update: I got a little less than 4oz in the last pump session). I know that I’m pumping enough overall to make up for what she is eating but I’m worried about her having enough anyway. Like is my supply decreasing while I’m away from her all day? Will she have enough to eat when I get home tonight? I’m probably overreacting. Emotions. Bleh.

So here’s the deal. I have a plan to write a post about Riley’s birth and first few days, and potentially a couple of posts about her development at 1 month and 2 months. But no one wants to read a monster post like that, so I think I’ll start with a post about my sweet Riley at 12 weeks.


I can’t believe this sweet baby girl is 12 weeks old. Time literally just flies like a jumbo jet. So fast. Slow the eff down, please!

This week Riley …

  • Is super smiley, especially when looking at faces up close. This usually means when she’s facing you in your lap or hanging out on the changing table.
  • Once or twice I’ve even heard a giggle. I shit you not. I have a human child who giggles.
  • She doesn’t love being in a half awake state on the changing table. Once she’s fully awake she’s all smiles. It’s weird.
  • Loves her playmat! During her awake/activity time, she can hang out on her back on the playmat for a good chunk of time, wacking away at her animal friends. (Our best friends’ 3-year-old son refers to the hanging toys as “decorations” lol)
  • Eating: She is super predictable and eats every 3 hours during the day. We get one chunk of 6+ hours between feeds overnight, and then another 4ish hour chunk, which is awesome.
  • Sleep: Riley sleeps like a champ at night, in a bassinet in our room. We put her down sometime between 6:30 and 8pm (depending on her rest-of-the-day schedule), and she falls asleep on her own with minimal fussing. She is napping in her crib (!!) about 3 times a day, and will fall asleep on her own then too (swaddled, with music and a binky). We haven’t gotten a nice long nap in a while. She usually caps out at about an hour and a half, but averages 45 minutes. Is this normal? I wish she’d take a long nap like once a day. It would be superb.
  • Play/communication: Her favorite thing to do is coo and babble like she’s having a conversation. Lots of vocal turn taking and even some imitation (ooo vs. ahhh). She’s also figuring out how to make the “attend to me now!” vocalization that is not actually crying. This speechie mom loves it. She’s also really into her hanging toys – mobiles, playmat, etc. She’ll wack, stare at, and talk to them all day long.
  • Motor: Riley loves tummy time, but only for maybe 10 minutes at a time, then she’s ready to not be holding her head up anymore. She’s starting to refine her arm and leg movements to play with her hanging toys, and has even grabbed on a few times. She’s also getting excellent at bringing her hands to her mouth (she puts them together like she’s praying and then brings them up to suck on) as well as to her head where she scratches. Ugh.
  • Health: Poor thing has the most sensitive skin. She has never really not had a rash somewhere on her body. Currently, she has a very persistent neck rash that is sometimes a yeast infection (smells gross ugh), dry scalp that is maybe hedging on cradle cap, and some itchy dry skin that is perhaps in the eczema family (per the pediatrician) on her head and arms and feet. I just hate that she’s itchy. It’s also a bitch and a half to keep her nails short enough that she’s not constantly mauling herself. ALSO she has already had her first ear infection, last week. She didn’t show any symptoms aside from maybe slightly more fussiness than usual? She is NOT a fussy baby so this presented as minimal fussing that I just assumed was her finally being a normal baby. But then she had stuff coming out of her ear so it was certainly an ear infection. She had a couple of days of antibiotic ear drops that cleared it up, thankfully. I constantly worry about her poops. At the moment, I’m worried that they seem more liquidy. Sometimes I worry about their color. Sometimes I worry about their frequency. I wish I could just chill. She’s also a spitter, which is not helping the neck rash because she’ll spit up while she’s lying on her back, no matter how much burping we do or how long we keep her upright after eating. Anyone else have this issue?

Honestly, she is the. best. baby. And she is my baby. And I can’t wait to leave work early right now and go home to her because I miss her so damn much it hurts. Here’s some more pics because I know that’s what you’re really here for. Now that I’m back at work I play to actually blog, as it’s an excellent procrastination tool 🙂


Loving her tummy time mirror. Who’s that cute baby?


Seriously, she loves tummy time. 


Can’t wait to get home to these smiles


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