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29 weeks oh my goodness

Wow, I am a terrible blogger. I am not sure where the last 10 weeks went but I’m here now and that’s what counts I hope?

In all honesty, I totally know where the weeks went. Summer happened, which means that we haven’t stopped to catch a breath for 3 months. Em and I have had something big to do (travel out of town, have guests staying with us, big events) every weekend since forever, and there’s no end in sight. In fact, I think the next weekend we have nothing huge to do is October 22, which give us exactly 3 “nothing” weekends between now and baby’s expect arrival. AHHH

Rather than trying to fill in every little thing that has happened since I was 19 weeks pregnant, I’m just going to go with a current update. Life-wise, I just got back from a weekend in Cleveland where my mom and sisters threw me a baby shower. Em didn’t come because we couldn’t find a weekend where we were both free to actually have the shower (see above) so we agreed to divide and conquer on this one. It was a lovely shower – totally beyond what I expected. Guests were asked to ship their gifts because we live in Boston and taking big things on a plane was basically not going to happen. But everyone brought a baby book to start our library, and the shower was book themed.


Adorable book-themed foods

My sisters went all out with the Pinterest inspired theme. It was a brunch shower, so they had an egg casserole (Green Eggs and Ham), muffins (If You Give a Moose a Muffin), veggies (Peter Rabbit), fruit in the shape of a caterpillar (The Very Hungry Caterpillar), Hershey kisses (A Kissing Hand), rainbow goldfish crackers (The Rainbow Fish), and a guessing game (Guess How Much I Love You). My sister also made one of those creepy/hilarious/awesome watermelon babies.



Em and I are both getting more and more excited about baby as things are getting more real. We had a little freak out about daycare but have since kind of maybe figured something out. We are on “the list” for a center that is really close to us. It’s a stretch to afford, but we are able to save some money by doing just 3 days/week and doing under 8 hour days (Em is going to be flexible and drop off just after 9/pick up right before 5). They can’t guarantee us a spot, but seemed confident that a number of spots would be opening in March/April. Given that we need to start in February, we’ll probably end up filling in with a short term nanny or something. We visited a bunch of home daycare providers, and just really didn’t love any of them. The one that we did like required us to come full time (or at least pay for it), so it wasn’t enough less than the center to feel good about. A few of the home daycares were really just awful. Em and I visited all of them together, and Em had set up all of the appointments. One of the places we visited a) forgot that we were even coming, b) was just not a warm fuzzy person anyway, and c) told me to call her when I had the baby and come back to visit with my husband. Uhhhhhh, who did she think Em was?! Just some assistant I hired to do all of my talking for me? What the hell. Anyway, daycare is terrifying and awful and I hate the idea of going back to work enough as it is so I hate the whole thing. I’m sure it’ll all come together, so I’m choosing not to stress about it anymore now that we have a sort-of plan.

So on to the bumpdate …

How far along? 29 weeks 4 days

Baby is the size of: A hawaiian pineapple

Total weight gain/loss: I think I have an overall gain of 8-10 pounds at this point.

Maternity clothes: All of them.

Coming out of the baby closet status: At this point everyone knows because I am obviously pregnant. I actually feel like people didn’t assume me pregnant out loud (they thought it but wouldn’t mention it without me mentioning it first) until about 2-3 weeks ago? I see new people every day because I see patients at a hospital. So I got to see a LOT of people look but choose not to say anything. I’m now at the point where people immediately ask when I’m due.

Have you started to show yet? I’m certainly obviously definitely pregnant.

Sleep: Aw man, sleep is rough. I get up 2-4 times each night. We did end up getting a new mattress – we got a Casper and totally love it. If anyone is in the market and interested in the Casper let me know because I can get you $50 off with a referral. Also my Snoogle is my saving grace. I didn’t have it with me in Cleveland over the weekend and totally noticed the difference.


The newest sleep issue is that I’m waking up to hip pain and having to flip over to my other side. Prior to this week, I’ve mostly been waking up to pee/because I was slightly uncomfortable. Now there’s the aspect of pain, which makes it a little harder to get back to sleep.

I feel like it sounds like I’m complaining – really more just trying to document. I actually really love being pregnant.

Best moment this week: The shower was really amazing. I felt so loved. I also came home from the shower to a clean house and to the guest room (soon-to-be-nursery) cleaned out and ready to be nested in. My wife and her dad had moved the guest bed into our office/memorabilia room (don’t ask – Em is a huge baseball fan and collector. And she is selflessly sharing her memorabilia room with our future guests) and cleaned out the now nursery entirely. Now all of our accumulated baby stuff is in the nursery! Unfortuantely, we haven’t yet gotten the furniture so it in no way actually looks like a nursery. We have a rolled up rug that we haven’t put down yet, are waiting on a backordered dresser (should be here in a week or two), hoping to get a Labor Day deal on the crib this weekend so that’s not ordered yet, and waiting 6-8 weeks for the chair that my parents just ordered for us this weekend as a shower gift. I’m so excited to see it all come together and having the room empty and ready to fulfill its new purpose is so exciting. Can you tell I’m feeling the nesting urge hard?

Miss Anything? Wine, sushi, and oysters

Movement: I’ve been feeling kicks consistently since about 19 weeks. Around 22 weeks, Em was able to feel them from the outside and it was such an amazing moment. One of my favorite from this pregnancy. I’ve been counting kicks once a day(ish) when I remember to/have the time to slow down enough to actually track and time it. But I feel a ton of movement these days. I really love love love the feeling of my baby moving around inside of me. It just makes me so happy.

Food cravings: I started having a few real cravings? My first craving, and the most common one since, has been donuts. Can’t get enough of the sugary carbs with no nutritional value ::eye roll::

I’m still eating fruit like no one’s business as well.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope

Symptoms: OK so the more weird and annoying symptoms are starting to emerge …
–  Numb thighs: Whenever I walk or stand for too long, my outer thigh(s) (usually just my right one, but sometimes the left or both) go numb. This goes away if I sit down for even just a minute. My OB said that I’m trapping a nerve. It is a really strange sensation and I’ve had to limit activities that involve too much standing/walking.
–  Peeing: Total TMI ahead. Since around 19 weeks I’ve, for lack of a better term, been leaking urine (ugh hate how that sounds). Basically my bladder is obviously squished and kinked or something so I don’t get everything out when I pee. I’ve had to develop some acrobatic tricks – now I have to move and lean in every direction for a minute after I finish and hope I get it all out. I feel like no one talks about this (probably because it’s weird and gross), but I have no time for shame. I do allow myself some time for annoyance though haha. Anyway turns out Thinx (the period underwear) also have another brand called Icon that are designed for this very issue, so I bought a few pairs. I wish that the built in padding went up higher, but I otherwise recommend them if you are having this weird issue and are sick of panty liners. UGH
– Aches and pains: The aches and pains are starting to show up but are manageable. Mostly it’s lower back and hip pain when I’m sleeping.
– Swelling: I’m starting to notice swelling in my hands and feet, but pretty much only after I’ve been standing/walking a lot (especially out in the heat) or on an airplane. I took 2 airplane trips recently so I feel like this symptom is exacerbated by the flights. I am NOT wearing my wedding ring at the moment, but hoping that another day post-flight will get me back to ring-wearing size.

Purchases: Em and I had a fun nighttime adventure in Carters recently, just letting ourselves get excited and buy some clothes. We got only sale items and probably 5-6 things total? It was pretty exciting. And the shower gifts have been rolling in, which we are so grateful for. So we now have the pack n plan/infant station for our bedroom, a Baby Bjorn bouncer, 2 carriers (Bjorn One and K’tan), lots and lots of books, a few clothing items, a Boppy, a hamper, and some other assorted items that I can’t think of right now!

Looking forward to: I’m really looking forward to our Boston shower that our friends are throwing for us in a few weeks. We are also going camping this weekend which I’m excited (and a little trepidatious) about. We are bringing a battery operated air mattress, so hopefully it won’t be awful and uncomfortable.

I really hope I’ll be able to keep us this blogging thing through the third trimester. I really neglected the poor second trimester and want to give this one its due. So hopefully see you back here soon! Happy Tuesday 🙂


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