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Merry Christmas to me?ย 

Just a very quick post-holiday update to say that I’m not pregnant. Woke up Christmas Eve bleeding. At that point it was pretty light and also 2 days early (also seemed weird because I’ve never gotten a period while still taking Crinone), so I peed on a Clear Blue digital. BFN at 10dp3dt (essentially 13dpo) felt pretty solidly likely to be a true negative to me, so I got my cry over with and called my nurse to ask if I could stop it with the damn meds and at least get drunk on Christmas. Of course her job seems to be to ruin my fun and she said it could possibly be too early and that I had to stay on the meds and keep with the post transfer instructions (to refresh: no drinking, no artificial sweeteners, no heavy lifting, orgasm moratorium). Ugh. 

I will admit that I cheated with the drinking a bit. It was Christmas and all.

Official blood test is tomorrow morning but I had a full on period and have zero symptoms so I’m just ready to move on to next steps (and also ready to be all done with Crinone for a little while). Still no word from the IVF clinic on how many (if any) frosties I got. That e-mail should get to me by tomorrow or Tuesday. Fingers crossed that I have at least one. Mainly because I’m not looking forward to another retrieval any time soon. I only started feeling better (read: able to sleep through the night without crazy discomfort) on Wednesday. 

Okay so recap: failed IVF sucks but we’re trying to stay positive. Tis the season for hope and joy and all that ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hoping that 2016 will be the year we expand our family, and wishing the very happiest holiday season and new year to all of you and yours! 



Until proven otherwise

I guess I’m pregnant until proven otherwise? They transferred 1 great looking day 3 embryo today. The grade was 8AF.  The number is the number of cells, A is the grade re: degree of fragmentation (so this is 0% or negligible), and F is the global quality (Good, Fair, Poor). I’m really happy with the quality. Day 3 is usually 6-8 cells. 

Of the other 4 embryos, just 1 looked like it had stopped growing (no change between yesterday and today). 2 are 4 cells but still growing (can’t remember the grades exactly – I recall that all 5 were graded F for Fair, and that they were all A or B for fragmentation), and 1 is 8BF, which is also good. The three that are sill growing will be put in extended culture and frozen if they meet the criteria for freezing. The doctor said the 8 cell one looked good but you never know, and that the 4 cell embryos are moving slowly but again – you never know. I could have anywhere between 0 and 3 embryos to freeze, and I’ll know for sure in the next 10 business days. 

In terms of the transfer procedure itself, it was just like an IUI but with a full bladder. And let me tell you about that full bladder. With my sore ovaries, a full bladder actually hurts pretty bad. They had me arrive an hour before my transfer time to drink water. Then apparently they were running a bit behind and also apparently my bladder decided to fill up suuuupppper quick this morning. Over the course of my “fill up” hour, I had to pee 3 times and I still ended up with a full bladder for the transfer. Crazy. It was cool to get to see the transfer happen on the ultrasound screen though. 

Our clinic is IVF New England (which is maybe apparently owned by Boston IVF ?), and we have had seriously fantastic experiences there. The retrieval and transfer are not the most comfortable procedures and everyone there has made us feel so comfortable. Seriously, all of the nurses, docs, techs, embryologists, etc are almost comically positive people. It’s awesome. If anyone is looking for an IVF clinic in the New England area I highly recommend it. 

I’ll leave you with baby’s first picture. The quality is pretty crappy, but whatcha gonna do? 


Today’s the day

Got the call this morning at 8:30 that we are going forward with a 3 day transfer today. I’m sitting in the IVF clinic now. A little disappointed that my embryos didn’t make it to a 5 day transfer, but I can’t change that now. I’ll get the report on the number and quality (and if I’ll have any to freeze) when we go in for the procedure. All good thoughts/prayers/baby dust are appreciated. 

Still five

Day two and we still have 5 embryos growing. Tentative 3 day transfer scheduled for 11am tomorrow (arriving at 10 to drink all the water til my bladder is adequately full). 

Still potential for a 5 day transfer, they just schedule the 3 day to be ready in case tomorrow there are fewer embryos. At least that’s my understanding. I will know for sure tomorrow morning. Think happy healthy thoughts for our little embryos! 


Five of the 12 eggs retrieved yesterday fertilized successfully. I honestly am thrilled and I know that 5 is enough but I can’t help but be a little disappointed because it’s totally fewer than I thought it would be overall. And I’m feeling more and more convinced that they didn’t retrieve anything from my left ovary and just want to know why. 

Ok so starting at the beginning … I’ve been wondering since yesterday whether perhaps they didn’t attempt to get anything from my left ovary, and here’s why: 

  1. My nurse implied that I should expect close to the number of follicles I had in my egg retrieval report. I had 19 follicles and they retrieved 12 eggs.
  2. The number of follicles on my right ovary that were big enough for retrieval was exactly 12.
  3. I’m definitely still having pain from the retrieval, and the whole town I’ve only felt pain on the right. 
  4. I happen to know that my left ovary hangs out behind my uterus / not in the expected place, so maybe it is hard to get to? 

So what’s the deal, am I just worrying for nothing? Probably, I just wish I knew. 

Also, knowing that only 5/12 fertilized makes me think that the 12 they got were not necessarily the most mature of the 19 available or whatever. 

ANYWAY it doesn’t really matter because here we are and I can’t change any of it now. 5 is a totally workable number and all I need is one good one, right? And having a few to freeze would be a bonus but is not necessary. 

Anyone have a magic pill to make me stop stressing about the numbers? No? Okay then any personal advice or stories are appreciated instead. 


Quick update on my retrieval this morning:

  • Got there at 7am
  • Put on hospital socks and took off everything else. 
  • Got an IV for fluids and antibiotic
  • Signed lots of things and met the doctor doing the retrieval, anesthesiologist, and some nurses.
  • Around 2 minutes to 8, they made me get up and pee even though I didn’t have to (because of the no food or drink since midnight thing)
  • At 8am on the nose, I walked into the procedure room. It looked very medical-y. There were some bonus people in there too – no idea who (guessing a surgical nurse and some other guy).
  • The anesthesiologist told me I would start to get sleepy and I laid there thinking about how it wasn’t working
  • Next thing I know, I’m waking up in recovery and Em (the wife) is there. 
  • Pain-wise afterward it was about a 6 and felt mostly like bad period cramps but a little more targeted rather than diffuse.
  • They gave me Tylenol, ginger ale, and crackers and told me I had to pee before I could leave to make sure my bladder was going okay. 
  • I tried to owe u successfully so had to stay an extra half hour or so and drink more water . I eventually peed a teeny tiny bit which apparently counts, so we left.
  • All told, we were there just under 3 hours. The retrieval itself was 20 minutes ish.

The big reveal: they retrieved 12 eggs. I was expecting a but more but 12 is a good number. Apparently not all follicles have eggs in them. Who knew. 

Now I’m relaxing at home. I did take some extra strength Tylenol (apparently that’s all I’m allowed – no Advil or anything) and now I have a heating pad on. I’m good when I’m not moving. Walking / driving over bumps in the car is painful right now. 

More updates tomorrow when I know how many fertilized and the like! 

Super real

Got the update from my nurse this afternoon. According to her, of the 19 follicles, at least 15 are already mature. I’m guessing she considers 16 or 17mm to be mature while the u/s tech was just counting 18 and up. She thought that somewhere between 15 and 18 eggs would be mature at retrieval, which would be a great number! Also my LH dropped back down. Phew!!

I did my HCG trigger (10,000 units) at exactly 8pm and am heading in for an 8am retrieval on Friday! Aside from that being a super early morning (I have to be at the clinic at 7), I’m pumped! And also nervous. 

We’re aiming for a 5 day transfer on Wednesday, which my nurse thought was very likely given the number of eggs I’ll probably get. But you never know. 

Okay now I want to hear experiences with te anesthesia for retrieval – will I have a rough day or should I expect to spring back quickly? 


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