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The Case of the Shrinking Follicle

I haven’t felt much like posting because shit has gone downhill a bit since my last update. To recap – I had had my third┬ámonitoring ultrasound (fourth overall out of pocket ultrasound for this cycle) and my follicle hadn’t grown any – it was still at 14mm on CD15. I was bummed, but still felt optimistic.

Jump to my next ultrasound (CD17 – last Thursday), and cue the breakdown. I went to a different satellite location because my usual place was totally booked for Thursday, so the ultrasound tech was new to me. Once again, she was probing around in there longer than I thought necessary, and I had a feeling I was looking at another report of no/slow growth. Ha. In fact, my damned follicle had SHRUNK. Seriously ovaries? What. the. actual. fuck. The damn thing was only 12mm on CD17. DOWN 2mm from CD15. Really really the opposite of what I thought I was going to hear.

Of course, I got that information and was told to just wait for a nurse to call me with their take on the situation and what to do next. The nurse did eventually call and said that they wanted me to go in the following day (Friday) for bloodwork to see if I had already ovulated (by checking my progesterone). (I could have told them with 99% certainty that I hadn’t but whatever). Indeed I had NOT ovulated on Friday, so the follow up call told me that I would have to sit this one out, that I’m apparently Clomid resistant, and that we are going to try Letrozole instead. So the current status report is: we are taking a break this month, and will start Letrozole (Femara) next cycle. Hopefully my body reacts better to the Letrozole than the Clomid. I’m calling my RE this afternoon to find out if they want me to take Provera to induce a period or just wait for it to happen naturally. Given the fact that my body sometimes likes to go months without a period, I’m hoping they choose the former.

For anyone not already well versed in Letrozole vs. Clomid – Letrozole (AKA Femara) is a drug that is used to treat early breast cancer in women who are post-menopausal. I have to go into my RE’s office to sign a consent that I understand the drug is being used “off-label,” as its use for fertility has not been filed with the FDA. That said, it is commonly used for this purpose. I am slightly concerned as I believe there was a (poorly designed) study that showed slightly higher risk of birth defects after taking Femara, but it seems that the study has largely been debunked. I am, however, hopeful that it will work better with my body than Clomid did. It has apparently shown some promise in helping women with PCOS ovulate, as well as inducing ovulation in women who are Clomid resistant.

So that’s the plan. I’m super bummed to be sitting out another cycle, especially after paying for 5 ultrasounds (guys, that’s like $800 for nothing – flushed down the vagina toilet). It will, however, be nice to drink at Thanksgiving. Especially after NOT drinking at my cousin’s wedding (during my last two week wait) – it’ll hopefully stave off any questions.

I’m just hoping to get my period ASAP and get started on the next try. Has anyone else ever experienced the shrinking follicle phenomenon? Femara experiences? All input is appreciated ­čÖé

Day 10 (and 13) Performance Review

Well, my ovaries have been subjected to two performance reviews in the last week. To review, I took 100mg of Clomid on days 3-7 this cycle. I went in for my first monitoring ultrasound on cycle day 10, and a follow-up on cycle day 13. This past Thursday was day 10 (and Sunday was day 13). Results of the performance review:

  • On day 10, I had 1 follicle on each ovary that was larger than 10mm.
  • RIGHTIE had a follicle at 12mm and LEFTIE had one at 10.8mm.
  • On day 13, the follicle on the LEFT had dropped off. RIGHTIE had grown to 14mm
  • My ovaries have scraped by this time, no pink slip.

I feel good about how things are going so far this cycle. I was hoping for more than one large follicle, but I’m fine with my body just doing what it’s supposed to do. I’m also very grateful that things seem to be moving along much quicker this cycle (probably thanks to increasing from 50mg to 100mg of Clomid). If you recall, I had ultrasounds on days 11, 14, and 17 last cycle with no change at all, and ended up having to pay for 6 ultrasounds (baseline, day 11, day 14, day 17, day 19, and day 21 I think). I scheduled a follow up for tomorrow morning (CD 15) to see how things went with rightie. I am hoping that the growth jumped quickly, the way it did last cycle (I went from 15mm to 21mm in 2 days), so that we can get things going and hopefully avoid another ultrasound. It would be magical to only have to pay for 4 this time around.

If that follicle is at least 18mm tomorrow, I will likely trigger with Ovidrel tomorrow night and go in for an IUI on Thursday morning. That timing would be excellent as I don’t work on Thursdays, so I could really relax after the IUI, and go to my regularly scheduled acupuncture appointment as well. I’m anxious to see how our new donor dude’s swimmers measure up. He is younger than our last guy so I’m hopeful that that means they are stronger. Does anyone else feel super creepy using a 19 year old’s swimmers?

In other news, Em and I got married one year ago. Our wedding anniversary was yesterday. I’m thinking about putting up another post with some pics in the next couple of days, but I’ll definitely password protect it. For all y’all using the WP Reader, I’ll put up a link in a regular post. If you want the password – shoot me an e-mail at:

inthebabycloset AT gmail DOT com


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