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Goodness. I haven’t done a survey since maybe MySpace was a thing? Gotta do something to fill the time though! Just waiting on AF to make her on-time appearance next week, and then waiting for our RE appointment to happen in April.

Anyway, thanks to S over at Infertile Myrtle for providing this procrastinatory fodder.

Random Relationship Survey

–How old are you? 

–How old is your spouse?

–How long have you been married?
4 months

–How long have you been together?
7 years

–Where did you meet?
Honestly? At a production of the Vagina Monologues at our college. One of my favorite stories that most people don’t know (because, how am I going to tell that to my aunt when she asks how we met?!)

–Where was your first date?
Oh, at some terrible mini-chain American place. I don’t remember much about the food part, but we did also go to an a capella concert on campus that evening which was awesome and sweaty-palm-filled.

–Who made the first move?
My dear wife. She also made the second, third, and fourth moves …

–Who was the first to say “I love you”?
I think that was me! I also think I was drunk when it happened which doesn’t make for a very romantic story. We’ve said “I love you” many many much more romantic times since.

–Who proposed?
She proposed. We had a conversation early(ish) on in the relationship that somehow cemented that she would propose, and just went with it. We went together to pick out her engagement ring right after it happened though (okay, maybe I called everyone in my phone right after, but we went to get her a ring right after that).

–Do you both want children?
Absolutely. I have wanted children since I was probably 3 or something. My wife warmed up to the idea a bit more slowly, but always knew it was a deal breaker for me. At the current moment, she is just as baby crazy as I am. We were mamas for a short while to a foster child last year, and since then have really felt the parental urges yanking us toward starting our forever family ASAP.

–Do you own a house?

–It’s cleaning day! You divvy up the chores, who does what?
Almost everything in the kitchen, my wife handles. This includes washing and putting away dishes, cooking, food shopping, etc.

I do all of the floors (even in the kitchen – gasp), dusting, bathroom cleaning, and tidying in the rest of the house.

She takes care of the pup and all of the doggy-related chores.

We split the laundry

– What do you like to do in your free time together?
During the week we love relaxing together with the dog – watching TV, playing games, etc. We have a ping pong table and play almost every night (we’re both kind of competitive … it gets a little tense). We like to have a show we are binge watching at any given moment. The default is Friends, but we go through phases – The West Wing, Golden Girls, Queer as Folk, Orange is the New Black … but it’s always something! We try to get out and take long walks with the pup on the weekends. When it’s warm outside, we like to explore neighborhoods and kayak.

–How’s the action?
Haha how do I answer this? If I say it’s “good” you’ll think why not great?!. If I say it’s “great” or “awesome” or “earth shattering,” you’ll think …ah, well I am not sure I wanted to know that. Or geez, TMI. Well, it is all of those things at different moments. So there ya go.

–Who is the first to apologize?
That would be me. And I usually do so over and over until I have worked myself into a tizzy that she hasn’t apologized back – usually spawning a whole other fight.

–Where would you like to live and raise your family, if not in your current area?
We’re in a city now. Our biggest goal is to live in a single family home in a suburb close to a city. It’s important to us to be somewhere that our family will be accepted, where our children won’t have to worry too much about the community being judgmental. Special bonus? – lower cost of living 🙂 All that said, we really like where we live.

–Which one of you gets to control the remote?
Definitely the wife. I can’t be trusted to remember to fast forward through commercials 😉

– Guilty pleasures as a couple?
Binge watching silly TV shows over and over. And also dessert.

–What do you think makes a relationship last?
Communication, a sense of humor, compromise, and a commitment to each other and the long haul. Hugs don’t hurt.



Well, it is CD23 and I finally got a positive OPK test strip! I was getting worried that I wasn’t going to ovulate this cycle, and that my ovulation would not regulate in general (which would obviously make it hard to make a baby). Phew. My cycles have never been regular enough to really know, but my inclination is that my cycle would be relatively long so I’m not shocked that I O’d so late. Just pleased it is happening at all. Anyone else have this long of cycles? If my luteal phase is the same length as last month I can expect to have a 37 day cycle. Is that crazy long? Will it affect my fertility down the road? surge_can1I’m so happy to be one step closer. My baby fever is showing no signs of breaking …

5 weeks

Just 5 more weeks until our next appointment with the RE. I was actually surprised it was that close. I had convinced myself we had another 2 months left still.

I really wish I had more to write about here. It’s just all of this waiting … it’s dragging me down.

In terms of donors – we have it narrowed down to two that we like. I’m thinking our next step is going to have to be to buy a couple of the “extras” to compare/contrast some more. We narrowed it down and then kind of let it be for a bit. We still have to wait until I get a viral panel done before we can order the swimmers, and the nurse practitioner at our RE’s office was willing to order it but it just felt like it could wait a bit.

I’ve been charting my temps and CM since CD2, and my chart is all over the place. Fertility Friend has guessed I ovulated twice in the last week, and reneged both times. Now, I know it was wrong (or, I’m pretty sure), because I’ve been using OPKs in anticipation with no luck.

So, I guess I’m feeling confused, stuck, and a bit ambivalent at the moment. But mostly impatient. I’m guessing that’ll be a theme for quite a while. My next step is confirming ovulation with an OPK this month … hopefully that happens in the next few days, so fingers crossed!


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