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Hello, and Where We Are

I’m glad I finally broke down and started a blog to document this whole TTC thing. I like to read, I like to write, and I love to procrastinate. Sounds like a perfect storm for blogging, so here I am. While I am absolutely clueless as to how long this blog will last or what direction it will head in, I’m glad I’m at least starting out with somewhere to record my thoughts – and hopefully find some folks to cheer on and commiserate with.

I think it prudent to begin with where we are thus far:

I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which is a common, likely genetic, endocrine disorder that causes fertility issues due to anovulation (aka NOT ovulating, at least not regularly). PCOS is characterized by lots of weird and annoying things like excessive hair growth (not on the head – that would be too convenient – think more on the face, arms, back …), irregular periods, and “central obesity” (aka being overweight particularly in the midsection/torso area). Anyway, this pesky little acronym is going to make things difficult for me in the baby making arena. Thus, it is likely a waste of time and money for my wife and me to try temping/charting and inseminating at home, as my cycles are weird and ovulation is not guaranteed. SO, all that being said, our path thus far had to start with a series of medical appointments.

I hit up my primary care doctor first, hoping that she would prescribe meds that I had taken years ago – progesterone and then Metformin – to get me having a period and hopefully ovulating. Of course, she wanted to run a bunch of tests first, then referred me to a gynecologist. The GYN’s primary concern was that I get a period (I hadn’t had one in a few months) – he was not really concerned with or thinking about getting me pregnant – his focus was on me not developing any pre-cancerous situation by not shedding my lining for too long (I can get on board with that). When I asked, he then referred me to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) to get things rolling in the baby making department.

That brings us to a couple of weeks ago – the wife and I saw my RE for a consultation. She was lovely, answered all of our questions, and quelled some of my fears (particularly the “I’m never going to have a baby ever because my body hates me” fears). Annoyingly, though, she jumped right in talking about inducing ovulation with Clomid and what the risks and benefits are, etc … Whoa whoa, hold the phone. It seemed like a jumping to conclusions given that we don’t actually KNOW that I’m not ovulating. Luckily, she was great when I asked if we had to jump right into Clomid. She started me on a “trial” of Metformin for a few months. I’m hopeful that it will kick start my hormone loop and get my body back in business a bit more naturally. Prior to my recent dry spell (literally), I had been having a period every month (consistent but not regular?). So I am hoping that I do have the chance of jumping into a somewhat regular cycle on Metformin. Of course – if that doesn’t work – Clomid, here we come.

Does anyone have Metformin success/not-so-much-success stories?


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